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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014 Gag Gifts!

Greetings everyone! Compliments of the season!

So for the past 14 years, my friends and I have been getting together every year for a holiday party. For the second year in a row, I brought a game where presents have to be passed from person to person around a circle- either to the left or to the right- whenever the words 'LEFT' or 'RIGHT' come up in the Christmas story as it is being read aloud. The winner is the last person left holding the gift by the end of the story. Bellow you can see the prizes I made for this year. 

And yes...the gifts are ALWAYS this weird...

 I made 5 gifts in all, and had a great time working on them. Above you see the fruits of my labor. For the bras I used the pattern called Crochet Bikini Top- Triangle Shape Motif, written by Teresa Richardson at Crochet Geek. You can find the pattern here on her blog.

Clearly this is a very conservative Santa, from the days of old when this word was even more taboo than it is now...look at how shocked and disgusted he is!

A twisted version of good old Jingle Bells...They ring merrily when you jump up and down...

moi modeling les bras...

I think the c*** socks got the best reaction at the party. 

This is my second attempt at a true fair isle pattern, figures it would be featured on a c*** sock of all things... I think it turned out well, but I will need to practice catching my floats more neatly along the back of the work...

Yup, a straightforward boob. 

An actual 'c***' sock. Ha ha.

The winner of this prize thought it was cute, but was also visibly afraid of it.

Haven't had this much fun with my crafts in ages. Goes without saying that my new year's resolution will have something to do with actually posting things on here. 

Over all, the gifts were appreciated, and I was rewarded with an unexpected runway model show by my friends, who were quite willing to get it on!... I mean, get on the bras and socks...