Come april, tons of photos and a link to my learn to crochet videos!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Victorian Lace Purse

I tried a more complicated crochet pattern out this year. This one is called Topaz Purse by Sylvia Landman. You can find this free pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.

I found this pattern somewhat challenging, and there were a few little errors here and there, but i was able to fix them. I gave up on following the pattern when I got to the lace section across the top, so I just made up a pattern for the lace detail you see there. I'll be posting my pattern for the section I made up sometime in the future. 

Over all, it was worth every minute because I learned a lot, and most importantly, it was for a very special friend :) A nice pattern now that all the minor details are worked out. I will definitely be making a lilac version for myself sometime in the future.

I had originally wanted to make mine black, but that is a recipe for blindness at this small gauge and level of detail! :P