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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crochet Birthstone Bears!

I wanted to make something special for each one of my friends at our annual Christmas Party, so I whipped up nine birthstone teddies! I had fun picking out the yarn colours, and I especially enjoyed working with the mixed pastels skein for October's Opal stone.

To make the bears, I used a pattern called Mini Cupcake Bear, created by Stephanie, posted on her site at All About Ami. Please follow the link to see the pattern, and check out much more of her work. The original sits in an adorable little muffin/cupcake cup with a tiny cherry on its head! How cute is that?! I got the idea to make birthstone bears when I went to the dollar store and saw packs of multi-coloured rhinestones on the shelf. Later, when I looked at the bear pattern again, this idea came to me. Thanks so much Stephanie, for sharing this adorable pattern, it was very fun to work with :)

Above you see all nine bears that I made: purple is Amethyst (February), Teal is Aquamarine (March),
two are Diamond (April), Red is Ruby (July), Green is Peridot (August), and Three are Rainbow for Opal (October).  I still have to make one in golden Yellow to create Topaz for November.

Here's a group shot of the coloured ones. I had way too much fun with those rhinestones didn't I? Well, I don't want to grow up yet, that's all. Life is short people, don't ever let anyone steal your childlike delight!

And here's a shot of the Opal triplets.... there is something adorable about making several of the same thing and photographing them together. I hope more people will start requesting bears *nudge nudge* to my friends who follow this blog, you know you want one, and I'd be glad to whip one up for you!

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