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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tarot and Rune Cleansing Altar

I decided to take on a more ambitious project by carving and building my own tarot and rune cleansing altar. Prior to that, I also carved my own glass rune set. Now that I have four tarot decks and a hand-made rune set, I wanted to get into the habit of cleansing them after intense readings and long periods where I have not used them.

Since this deck and rune set are new, I wanted to put them through a bit of an initiation to infuse them with power and get acquainted with them. If you would like to find out what the symbols on the altar mean, please refer to

By the way, I do not consider myself a witch. On to the pictures...

The first cleansing ritual went well, though it was quite windy yesterday. Obviously the element of Wind had something to say.

I chose four coloured candles for each of the four directions North (Green), East (Yellow), South (Red), West (Blue), one White (purification, warding off negative energy, benevolent intention). Purple Incense (encourage psychic power and clairvoyance, reaching out into the energy field for knowledge).

The garden is the best place to perform the cleansing. I sit close to a tree that was planted the same year I was born, so we have basically grown up together. For this reason I was a tad disappointed that I had to sit near the house, as sitting out in the open was too windy to keep the candles alight.

Here is the rune set I made a few weeks ago. I made 25 in all, following the Elder Futhark Rune set. You can find out what each one means here:

I spent most of the day in the garage with some of dad's tools, carving away at the glass stones until I had 24 (plus one blank one makes 25). They turned out beautifully, and I can't wait to start using them. Have to study the symbolism first though.

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