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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Knit a Cable!

Here it is, my first successful cable. I squeeeed with joy when it was complete. Laugh if you must, but truth be told, it' s very, very exciting for me. I just had to make it in neon green didn't I? Well, I can do things the hard way if I want to...that and I have a lot of scrap yarn in funky colours that I have to get rid of. This design is pretty simple as far as cables go. Amanda, I finally just gave in and bought the Teach yourself Visually Knitting second edition by Sharon Turner. Really awesome if you get a real life human to teach you the basics of cast on, knit, purl, knit 2 tog, decrease, etc....I think I can sucessfully learn from a book this time around!

On another note, I had visitors the other day....

A cardinal and a finch were out and about enjoying our backyard. We are very bird friendly at my house, and we've made about four bird boxes in total to let them know they are welcome.

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Amanda said...

MANDA!! that cable looks BEAUTIFUL!!
cables look a little daunting at first. Then when you learn how to make them..they are so AWESOME!